The Pakistani drama ‘Maat’ aired over eleven years ago and featured a thrilling love triangle between two sisters Aiman (played by Amina Sheikh) and Saman (played by Saba Qamar) who fall in love with the same man, Faisal (played by Adnan Siddifiqui).

Faisal first proposes for Saman’s hand in marriage, but after her rejection, he turns to Aiman. Watching Aiman and Faisal happy drives Saman to jealousy and she begins to plot the downfall of her sister.

Years after the serial aired, Siddiqui took to Instagram to share a sweet memory of meeting a neighbor who lived next to the house where the drama was shot, and how an accidental encounter led to a memorable dinner, which the actor still remembers years on.


The actor shared that once when he was heading back to the set after fearing he lost his wallet, he spotted the late Mr. Maroof pacing around worried because no one had visited him for dinner. The neighbor requested Siddiqui to join him for dinner, which the actor recalled was an incredibly memorable experience:

“In that moment, I was struck by the extraordinary character and values that Maroof sahib embodied. Though he had limited means, his heart overflowed with generosity. His insistence on sharing his modest meal revealed a profound philosophy of life—one that emphasises the importance of giving, sharing, and finding fulfillment in serving others.”

The experience taught him that true wealth is never about how much money we have, but how much we care.

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