Eid-ul-Fitr is just around the corner and preparations for it are or should be, in full swing. The event marks the end of Ramazan and the beginning of three days of festivities, meeting relatives you haven’t seen in eons and eating till you go into food coma.

This year, The Current decided to make your life easier by putting down a list of things you should be doing before Eid so that you can enjoy the Eid holidays to the fullest.

Store frozen food


Food is the way to everyone’s hearts so prepare some special food with your family and freeze it. Or stock up on frozen foods. So when the day comes, you just have to heat up and food and serve. Most of favourite Eid memories somehow always revolve around eating shami kababs, samosas and haleem with chai at our Khala’s or Taya’s house.

Eid decorations

Do things differently this Eid and add some festive vibes to your home with some colorful decorations and lights. People with children should definitely take note of this.

Eid-themed decorations are now available at a lot of stores, so you can get your hands on those. But if you’re feeling creative and want to make it a family thing, get some art and craft supplies and make the banners and decorations yourself.


How can Eid even be complete without shopping? It is one of those happy occasions when one can dress up to the nines. So putting together an Eid look can be stressful, especially for girls who have to make sure they have everything from the clothes to the shoes to bangles and other accessories. The best way to ensure that you have Eid outfits ready for all three days is to start ahead. Hit the mall and start shopping.

Eid Games

Before the advent of technology and iPads, what did we all do for fun? Play games right? Who else remembers playing endless games of Bluff, Rang, Monopoly and Ludo on Eid with cousins? This year gather all the games, ditch the phones and iPads and plan a fun game night with your friends or family just like old times. And let us tell you, we’re pretty sure this will be the highlight of your Eid.