Interior Minister Sheikh Rasheed in a video message congratulated the Men in Green for winning a historic match against India in the T20 World Cup match.

Sheikh started by congratulating the team and said, “I salute the Pakistani team for playing with such bravery and valour against the Indian team.”

“Pakistan has proved itself in the Islamic world. The Muslims all over the world including the Indian Muslims had their emotions with the Pakistan team,” said Rasheed.


Raseed’s video received a lot of criticism as he declared ‘the victory of the Pakistani team as a victory of Islam’. Twitter slammed Sheikh Rasheed for bringing religion into sports.

Journalist Amber Shamsi tweeted, “By giving a religious colour in such a way, it is an insult to the minority community living in Pakistan and has put Muslim players in the Indian team in more danger, like Mohammad Shami.”

Lawyer Reema Omer tweeted, “What a dangerous, divisive statement by the Interior Minister, esp. when the one Muslim player in the Indian team is being subjected to vicious abuse, his loyalty to India being questioned because of his religion.”

Indian author, Rahul Easwar tweeted, “It’s unfortunate of a senior leader like you to say Non-Facts like emotions of Indian Muslims were with Pakistan. Pls understand the damage that can create to 99.99% of Indian Muslims who were cheering our motherland”

A Twitter user wrote, “As a Pakistani citizen, I strongly condemn the statement of Home Minister @ShkhRasheed to winning the cricket match as the winner of the Islamic world and his statement is to spread religious hatred and push the country towards anarchy.”

Another person tweeted, “Absurd statement by a person who unfortunately is holding such an important office; this wasn’t the success of Muslim Ummah, it’s only related to Pakistan. Pak has millions of non-muslims including some great sportsmen who have been part of many victories in past.”