We had a good run with Pakistani dramas this year. They made us laugh, they made us cry and some made us cringe. While the chemistry between some on-screen couples positively sizzled, some scenes made us want to wash our eyes with bleach.
However all was not lost. The year give us some mind-bogglingly hilarious scenes this year, and social media managed to make some amazing content out of them.
Here are some of the top trending drama clips that went viral on social media in 2022.

  1. First on our list is obviously Aye Musht-e-Khaak, which began gaining attention on social media after a confusing conversation between a husband and wife went viral on social media. Twitter users were perplexed at how urgently the husband kept pressurising his wife to go on a honeymoon with him, and wasn’t able to avoid the elephant in the room.

We have to give it to this show because even though it provided us with a done-to-dust, extremely cringey storyline that reeked of male entitlement, the memes they provided us with were top tier.
Like this user making a meme out of Feroze Khan having a breakdown


Or Feroze Khan losing it in the car.


2. The second one on our list is obviously going to be the drama “Haqeqat” for giving us this absolute masterpiece of a scene.

3. The absolutely cringey phone call between a stalker and a girl, which apparently was suppose to be a love confession by the former.

Proposing to her with flowers? A trip to Paris or Italy? Boys, Danish Taimoor is here with notes on how to make a lady literally swoon. By threatening to shoot yourself. No big deal, huh?

5.Thanks to this clip Pakistanis learnt a new word overnight “razai behen-bhai”:


6. James Dean who? Haroon Kadwani became the new face of manchild in 2022. This scene managed to generate an entire generation of memes we will tell our grandchildren about someday.

7. Shoutout to the memorable time when women all over Pakistan were told that having curly hair is wrong.

8. We should also applaud how dramas came to address domestic violence and abuse in a honest, refreshing manner. Like this scene in Phaans, where the mother refuses to shelter her son after he stands trial for abusing his wife.

9. While other dramas educated their followers on the toxicity of rishta culture and how they break down any woman’s worth and self-esteem based on how rich she is or her beauty. Like this scene in Sinf-e-Aahan, Sajal Aly’s character schools her parents for forcing her to keep adhering to the toxic rishta culture, when she wanted to join the army like her brother.


10. The wonderful drama “Doobara” shattered stereotypes when it focused on a middle-aged woman starting her life all over again after she was married off against her choice when she was young. Hadiqa Kiyani won hearts on the internet when this clip began trending online where Hadiqa’s character reminds her son and sister-in-law that she isn’t just a mom, but a living breathing human being who deserves to live her own life without feeling like a burden.