Federal Minister for Interior Brigadier (r) Ijaz Ahmed Shah has said that the world believes India, not Pakistan.

“Who is responsible for earning this name, that people don’t believe us [Pakistan] in the international community?” the former spy asked in an interview to a private media outlet.

“We say India has enforced a curfew in Kashmir, it is not providing medicines, is killing people, there is nothing to eat. People don’t believe us. They believe India, even though we are right.”



When asked by the interviewer about who was responsible for it, Ijaz blamed the ruling elite of the country. “This is not the work of a single day,” he said. “Over a period of time, the ruling elite destroyed the country. The people thought we are not a responsible nation. That is what we are facing.”

“It is very unfortunate that we worked hard, and we made the most sacrifices in the war on terror,” he said further.

“We became a frontline state. Around 80,000 of our people were martyred. Are we getting the same response from the world community? No. We must have a soul-searching. You [the media] should also think about it.”