All eyes are on the Trumps as they currently tour the United Kingdom. Ever since they landed on Monday afternoon, they’ve been engaged with the Royals. While Trump has back to back meetings today, his wife, Melania Trump will be having a tea with Britain’s outgoing Prime Minister Theresa May’s husband.

However, the residents of 10 Downing Street are facing accusations of “lazy sexism” for their choice of gifts. While Donald Trump received a historical artefact recalling the Second World War alliance of their nations, his wife Melania received a tea set from the Prime Minister.

Trump’s gift was a framed typescript draft of the Atlantic Charter agreed by their predecessors, President Franklin Roosevelt and Sir Winston Churchill, in 1941. The president is a great admirer of Churchill and moved a bust of the wartime leader back into the Oval Office as one of his first actions on entering the White House.


Meanwhile, Melania received a bespoke No 10 tea set, created by British designer Emma Bridgewater. The Prime Minister’s spokesperson said that both gifts had been carefully chosen and the tea set was “a memento of a visit to No 10 as part of what we hope will be a successful state visit”.

Melania’s choice of present did not sit down well with the public who described the tea-set as “patronising” and that it “portrayed an outdated view of gender roles.” They called out Theresa May for her “outdated belief that there are ‘boys roles’ and ‘girls roles’.”

Some even joked that “Melania is married to one of the most divisive and unpleasant men in modern history – so at the very least she will need something stronger than tea.”