Interior Minister Sheikh Rasheed has said that he is thinking of retiring from politics.

While speaking to journalist Waseem Abbasi, Sheikh Rasheed said Interior Ministry is a challenging ministry and mentally he is thinking of retiring now.

“Every day there is an incident in this ministry. It is a sensitive ministry. Security is involved. The Railways Ministry was a normal ministry. But here the work pressure extends to 18 hours a day,” said Sheikh.


When asked will he be contesting in the next general elections, Sheikh Rasheed responded, “If no one bothers me, I will not be contesting in the next general elections. Two years are left [for the elections] to happen, so I am of the view that I should retire.”

According to Rasheed, he was not going to contest the 2018 elections, but when Pakistan Muslim League- Nawaz (PML-N) leader Nawaz Sharif said that “I (Sheikh Rasheed) will not be in the next assembly, I just had to contest.”