The Oxford dictionary describes a humanitarian as someone who “is concerned with or seeking to promote human welfare.”

Abdul Sattar Edhi, Lady Diana, Martin Luther King and Angelina Jolie, to name a few, are world-renowned humanitarians who have dedicated their lives for humanity.

On World Humanitarian Day, The Current brings to you three millennials who are working towards making the world a better place.



Rizq, a social enterprise, works towards preventing food wastage. Run by three LUMS graduates, Rizq collects food from hotels, restaurants and marriage halls, repackages it and then distributes it among the needy. Rizq also provides the poor with monthly rations.

Their #Ramazan Dastarkhwans across Pakistan are truly special and watch the video for a tour of one in Lahore.

Tayaba Org

Remember the boys who went viral after the India Pakistan Cricket Worldcup match for their antics? You’ll be surprised to know that one of them runs an NGO which is making water transportation easier through H2O wheels in one of Pakistan’s poorest areas – Tharparkar. The wheels enable women and children in Thar carry water easily and in a shorter period of time.

ACF Animal Welfare

ACF (Ayesha Chundigar Foundation) is a non-profit organisation based in Karachi, which rescues and rehabilitates animals. The welfare also has the first-of-its-kind animal shelter in Pakistan for injured and unwell stray animals such as dogs, cats, donkeys, horses and camels. The foundation also has rescue service ambulances, which actively help injured animals.

The owner of ACF, Ayesha, with a donkey

ACF picks up strays, after which they undergo a spay/neuter/release program. When the animal becomes healthy, they are released back into the community in areas, identified as safe zones.

A foundation also holds unique donkey camps in different donkey/equine populated areas of the city including brick kilns and coal mines, through which they provide medical treatment, food and water to the donkeys educate the owners on the animal’s behaviour and handling.

Todd’s Welfare Society

Also, an animal rescue initiative, Todd’s Welfare Society is run by a group of young adults who help, save and rescue injured, sick, neglected and abused animals in Lahore.

Todd’s recently opened an animal shelter in the outskirts of Lahore where they provide animals with shelters and nurse them to health. Animal lovers can either adopt an animal and take them home or provide for their sustenance and other needs.