As the season wraps up, so do many dramas and with the weather expected to change in the upcoming weeks, our TV screens will also witness the winds of change. Three new dramas –Mushk, Saraab and Prem Gali – are scheduled to air in the near future and their teasers have already dropped. Check them out below:


Featuring Imran Ashraf, Urwa Hocane, Moomal Sheikh and Osama Tahir, Mushk is a layered love story. Speaking to a local media outlet, Ashraf said that “Mushk revolves around the concept of love, in all forms – good, bad and ugly. It presents a sharp contrast between good and evil.”

He adds: “It is not a formula play, it has been created differently. The dialogues are very poetic.”


The drama has been written by Ashraf himself and directed by Aehsun Talish (Suno Chanda, Ye Dil Mera). It also marks the return of Hocane to the small screen after a break of almost three years.

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Prem Gali

Penned by Faiza Iftikhar (Akbari Asghari, Aunn Zara, Dil Lagi, Ranjha Ranjha Kardi) Prem Gali has been directed by Qasim Ali Mureed and features Farhan Saeed and Sohai Ali Abro in the lead. Not much is known about the drama except that it is a romantic comedy. From the teasers, it is also safe to say that Saeed is playing a similar character to that of Arsal in the superhit Suno Chanda.

According to the director, the drama “will remind people of old school romance, where setting up a meeting with the beloved used to be a big task.”

“It is a light-hearted project. We’ve tried to create something exceptional with major themes including love, family values, neighbourhood, etc,” he adds.

It has been produced by Humayun Saeed under his production house Six Sigma Plus.

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As the conversation on mental health gains traction, it is also being explored in more depth on our drama screen. Sonya Hussayn and Sami Khan’s upcoming drama Saraab aims to highlight schizophrenia and the plight of those suffering from the illness. It has been written by Edison Idrees and directed by Mohsin Talat.

In an interview, Sonya said that the makers of the drama did thorough research on the project, including visiting mental asylums and rehab centres to understand the conditions of these patients, before beginning work on the drama so that it could be as realistic as possible.