Tiger Woods has opened up about his “painful” experience in rehab following a near-fatal car crash back in February.

“This has been an entirely different animal,” Tiger told Golf Digest on May 27. “I understand more of the rehab processes because of my past injuries, but this was more painful than anything I have ever experienced.”

According to details, one doctor who treated the 45-year-old athlete said that he suffered extensive injuries in his leg and foot, which required serious surgery.


A crash report later revealed that Tiger was also “knocked unconscious, laceration to the lower front jaw, bruised right and left rib cage, fractured right tibia and fibula, possible right ankle injury.” He spent time in two different hospitals before returning to Florida to recover.

“My physical therapy has been keeping me busy. I do my routines every day and am focused on my number one goal right now: walking on my own. Taking it one step at a time,” he explained, noting that the support from both friends and fans has been “incredible … I have had so much support from people both inside and outside of golf, which means so much to me and has helped tremendously.”

Earlier in April, Tiger was spotted for the first time since the accident, rocking a leg brace and crutches as he returned to the golf course. He flashed a big smile as he posed next to his “rehab partner,” his dog Bugs. “My course is coming along faster than I am,” wrote Tiger. “But it’s nice to have a faithful rehab partner, man’s best friend.”