After the backlash on Feroza Aziz’s controversial video that went viral on social media, TikTok has now restored her video. Video shows Feroza Aziz talking about eyelash curling but quickly switches to criticize China’s mass detention of minorities in its far northwest.

She had advised the world to take notice of the sufferings of the minority Muslims in China as they are being tortured, raped, and forced to eat pork. Feroza called it another holocaust but no one is talking about it.

On its official website, Tiktok has issued a public apology for the error on their part. “We would like to apologize to the user for the error on our part this morning”, the statement read, further stating that they have decided to override the ban on Feroza Aziz’s account.


TikTok has also explained that the same user’s previous account was banned following her post on Osama Bin Laden which violated the company policies.

As per the community guidelines, “Terrorist organizations and any other criminal organizations are strictly prohibited from using TikTok.