A woman has registered a case in Peshawar’s family court against her husband for not giving her the custody of their three children claiming that her husband has withdrawn them from school to make TikTok videos.

The woman has claimed that she is TikToker Waheed Murad’s third wife and her husband has withdrawn of their children from schools and madrassas and makes them record TikTok videos with him instead.

According to the woman, Murad has gotten married six times. He has divorced two women and now has four wives. He has 13 children from his first wife, five from the second wife and three from the petitioner.


She claimed that he bears the expenses of his other wives because they make TikTok videos with him.

The woman has demanded that the court makes sure that she gets her Haq Mehr and the custody of her children.

The judge has issued notices to the respondent and asked him to appear in court on April 2.

Here are a few TikTok videos of Waheed Murad.