A young woman allegedly shot dead her boyfriend for marrying someone else in Lahore’s Raiwind area.

As per details, the women, identified as Fiza, killed the deceased Muddasar in the street after chasing him on a motorcycle through the market area.

The police, who have arrested the suspect, said that initial investigation revealed that Mudassar had promised to marry Fiza. Fiza, a divorcee, had convinced her parents for her second marriage. Meanwhile, Mudassar cheated on Fiza and married someone else which irked Fiza who then hatched a plan to kill him with the help of two other friends.


On Tuesday, when Mudassar was going to market with his brother on a motorbike, an armed Fiza started chasing them with her accomplices. As Mudassar and his brother approached their home, Fiza opened fire on them. A bullet hit Mudasar in the chest killing him on the spot.

The police have lodged a murder case against Fiza, who surrendered herself to the police along with the murder weapon.