The only thing worse than extreme heat is hot weather with high humidity. Hot, muggy air makes you sweaty and exhausts you to no extent. Here are a few tips which might help you stay fresh, cool and comfortable on the warmest and most humid days.

Drink plenty of water

Excess of everything is bad except water. One must drink at least 8 glasses of water per day. Hot, humid weather makes you sweat more, which means you’ll need to increase your hydration. Drinking lots of water also helps keep your body temperature down, which keeps you more comfortable overall.

Take a cool shower on your pulse points

Taking a cold shower is a fast and effective way to cool down. If you’re not at home, you can splash cold water on your neck, forehead, and armpits. You can also use ice packs or cool, wet towels for more sustained relief.


Set air conditioner’s temperature

Air conditioning is the best way to keep your house cool, setting it too low can make your utility bill cost more. Try to set your AC to 26 °C when you’re at home and awake. Increase it to 28 °C when you are going for sleep.

Eat cool foods like salads and fresh fruit

Eating hot foods when it’s hot and humid will only raise your body temperature. Instead, wash fresh vegetables and make a salad or fruit chaat with all the seasonal fruits. For dessert, try popsicles and ice cream. For a healthier alternative, go with fresh fruit, plain or paired with yogurt.

Wear loose and light-colored clothes

Hot, humid days call for loose, cotton clothing in light colours. Avoid tight jeans and synthetic fabrics like Rayon or spandex, and go with sandals or canvas shoes to keep your feet cool.

Use cotton bedsheets

Make sure your sheets are made of light fabric, like cotton, rather than fleece. Cotton bed covers will stay cooler at night, making for a more comfortable night’s sleep in this hot and humid weather.