As monsoon season is in full swing and there is also a flood alert after India releases water in River Sutlej.  Most of us are mostly worried that water is going to get into our houses.

Here are the ways you can protect your home.

Before the flood: Prevent

Clean the drains and gutters


Seal the cracks (if any) in your house with plaster of Paris.

Don’t dispose of fats, oil, grease or other objects in your sinks or toilets as they block the drainage systems.

Electrical equipment should be at least one foot above flood level to help reduce the risk of electrical damage.

Moving your valuables items and documents to the first or second floor will help to protect them. Or try to put them on higher places if you live on the ground floor.

During the flood: Protect

If the flood is imminent then these are the ways that might help to minimize the damage

Open up windows and door (if it is not raining) to allow air to circulate through your home and dry things out

Shut off all the electrical appliances if safe.

Try to place handy electrical appliances to wooden or cement blocks.

After a flood: Restore

Remove the water and damaged material.

Disinfect and dry every flood-contaminated room.

Keep fans running. Make sure switches are dry and safe to touch.

Most importantly follow all the instructions by the official departments of the government.