Karachi – Mohatta  Palace

Art, architecture, and culture come to play at this 20th-century residential palace, which has now been converted into an art gallery and museum surrounded by trees and statues.

While we were doing our research, a Karachi historian told us a lesser-known story about the palace. She told us that the building was constructed by Mohatta, a Hindu Marwari business, for his wife who was ill. The doctors suggested that her illness could be cured if she gets refreshing winds from the sea. Thus, Mohatta had this fascinating structure built on a large piece of land facing the sea.

Lahore – Badshahi Mosque

While taking a stroll through the masjid, one is almost transported back in history. The red bricks and perfectly round domes signify traditional Mughal architecture.


Historians say that the Badshahi Mosque was initially planned to guard a strand of Prophet Muhammad’s (PBUH) hair.

The mosque is also famous for its unique echo system. The Muazzan used to recite the azan at one corner but the sound of it would be heard all around, as if he was speaking in a microphone. The sound system was destroyed when the floor was replaced, but one can still experience its remains.

IslamabadPakistan Monument

Everyone who visits this place says that it’s a must-visit. The Pakistan Monument in Islamabad represents all four provinces of Pakistan. Who knew that one day we would have five provinces?

Apart from the large structure, the place also has a museum where you can learn about Pakistan from realistic models, which are informative and fun.

Bahawalpur – Derawar Fort

The fort was initially known as Dera Wal is one of the oldest and most architecturally fascinating forts in Pakistan. Located in the heart of the magnificent Cholistan Desert, the Derawar fort is also connected to other forts in the Cholistan through a network of underground tunnels.

There is an old canon of historic value in the courtyard of the fort that was used against enemies during war. The walls inside the structure are damaged but their former glory is still intact.

Tomb Shah Rukne Alam Multan

Shah Rukn-e-Alam was an eminent Sufi from Multan, also known as the city of saints and sufis. The shrine of Shah Rukn e Alam is one of Pakistan’s architectural treasures. The shrine itself, its ambience and the presence of qawwals in the courtyard give you a peaceful vibe. A large number of devotees from every corner of the country visit Multan annually to attend the urs.