Toyota Indus Motor Company (IMC) has announced a massive price hike for all completely built-up (CBU) units offered by the Japanese automaker in Pakistan. The price of Toyota Camry is upped by Rs2 million and will now cost Rs23.3 million

The only variant of the popular hybrid model, Toyota Prius received a hike of Rs1.26 million and will be sold for Rs14.65 million. Toyota’s crossover SUV, Corolla Cross (top trim) is now priced at Rs13.4 million after a hefty increase of Rs1.17 million in its earlier price.

Finally, the automatic version of Toyota Rush will now be offered at Rs8.33 million following an increase of Rs710,000.


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Toyota IMC’s CBU models, in particular, have become nearly unobtainable following the recent price jump. The government’s main purpose in the auto sector, however, is to discourage CBU imports and increase sales of locally produced vehicles. This means that all other CBUs are on the verge of suffering the same fate as Toyota.