Pakistani A-listers Saba Qamar and Naumaan Ijaz are set to feature in the latest Zindagi original series “Mrs & Mr Shameem”. Touted to be an “unconventional love story”, the show will premiere globally on ZEE5 on March 11.

The series is directed by filmmaker Kashif Nisar, who has helmed dramas like Raqeeb Se and O Rangreza.

Stellar performances


Both Saba and Naumaan have gotten into the skin of their characters, essaying their roles to perfection. A special mention to Naumaan for not making his character a caricature with over the top nuances or dramatic body language. Even supporting cast members are impactful and promising going by the trailer.


The theme of the series is a trailblazer for Pakistan, the male protagonist is an effeminate man, supposedly from the Queer community who has been presented as colourful and brave rather than a victim. Also their is an angle of an illegitimate child which has been dealt with maturity.

Manish Kalra, Chief Business Officer, ZEE5 India said the upcoming drama marks the continuation of their collaboration with Zindagi to present “real and relevant stories but with a twist”.

ZEE5 Global announces Zindagi's next original 'Mrs. & Mr. Shameem'  premiering on 11th March 2022 | NEXT TV | Entertainment News, Gossips,  Bollywood, Hollywood, Lollywood, Fashion, Art, Lifestyle, Beauty.

“It’s an unconventional love story explored through a new lens as it shatters age old gender roles and boundaries defined by the society. It also has a stellar team behind it, and we are excited to bring this forth to our viewers across 190+ countries,” Kalra said in a statement.

Shailja Kejriwal, Chief Creative Officer, Special Projects, Zee Entertainment Enterprises Ltd. said “Mrs & Mr Shameem” aims at “redefining the meaning of true love” and challenges society’s preconceived gender biases.

“It is an uncommon bond of two people based on nothing superficial,” she added.

According to director Kashif, the show follows the story of Shameem, who “embodies effeminate traits” while Umaina, played by Qamar, is “outspoken and bold in her ways”.

“Despite their significant personality differences, there develops a beautiful bond between them of love, respect and companionship”.

It is written by Sajjad Gul (Saji), who said the series is a “contemporary story” which traces the journey of Umaina and Shameem discovering love in its “unusual ways”.

“The show challenges the gender barriers that exist in society. We hope that the audience connects with the story as it presents a fresh perspective on love,” the writer added.