Transgender activist Kami Sid, whose film, Rani recently screened at the Cannes has been accused of raping a teenager.

The incident came to light when a social media user, Minahil Baloch, asked everyone to boycott those accused of rape “even if they make it to Cannes.” Though Minahil didn’t take anyone’s name, Kami allegedly accused her of defamation. Minahil shared the screenshots of her conversation with Kami and alleged that she was being threatened by the activist and in case anything happens to her Kami would be responsible.

Following Minahil’s allegations, several other social media users also came forward and spoke about the incident which reportedly happened a few years back.


Fuck discretion. And I am DONE being quiet. This is the Kami Sid rape case. The original post contains links to the…

Posted by Muhammad Moiz on Wednesday, May 22, 2019

According to the details available, the victim, a young teenage boy who identified himself as a woman, ran away from home in Sukkur and came to Karachi. Since he belonged to the same community as Kami, Kami offered him a home with her. It was then when she and boyfriend subjected the teenager to rape and torture among other things. The matter was initially brushed aside because everyone was “scared” of Kami. However, when the guru of Khwaja siras found out about the incident, she came forward and asked the organisation where Kami was working to fire her else she’ll lodge a protest. Kami was suspended from the organisation but came back after she paid “compensation” and apologised for her actions.

A closed-door inquiry was also held at Women Action Forum Karachi (WAF-Karachi) in the presence of several senior feminists but they’ve remained quiet about the incident.

Unfortunately, the victim passed away a few months back. She was reportedly murdered by her own lover. The case is currently ongoing.

The matter never came to light as Kami allegedly threatened everyone to maintain silence and keep this matter a secret. However, it was still a lesser-known fact because of which Kami was apparently dropped from the Karachi Literary Festival and Lahooti.

Meanwhile, Kami has not publicly spoken about the matter as yet. However, a user shared a screenshot of her conversation with her on the matter.