Prominent transnational celebrities have used their social media clout to spread awareness on the plight of civilians in Afghanistan as Taliban took charge of Kabul.

Pakistani diva Mahira khan also shared a heartbreaking image of Afghans on US Air force plane.

Taking to Instagram, the Alif star Kubra Khan shared a horrific situation of young girls in Afghanistan after Jihadist commanders reportedly forced the imams in the areas to bring them a list of unmarried girls for their soldiers to marry.


Fellow Pakistani actors Mariyam Nafees and Ghana Ali also expressed their concern on the matter.

US supermodel Gigi Hadid also turned to her Instagram stories after thousands of people mobbed the Kabul airport trying to flee the country after Taliban takeover.

Bella Hadid also took to Instagram to express her concern.

While Dirilis Ertugrul famed Esra Bilgic also turned to her social media to show her concern for the future of women in Afghanistan.