Muhammad Faheem, a former employee of a private media news organisation, has committed suicide after being fired from his job. Muhammad Faheem was a “production operator,” according to his press card circulating on social media. As per journalist Waqar Satti, Muhammad Faheem after being fired from his job, started working as an auto rickshaw driver. Later, he committed suicide due to continuing financial problems

As per a news report, he had earlier also attempted to commit suicide three times. Faheem was found hanging from a fan. The deceased had six children and was the only breadwinner in the family.

As per a video posted by friends of the deceased, Faheem, in a Facebook status a month earlier, wrote, “I’m Faheem and I need a job.” He also mentioned his contact details in the status.


The reporter, who made the video, showed the place where the suicide happened, talked to one of Faheem’s daughters, who told him that they would go a week without having food. Faheem was in 70 thousand rupees debt.

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