Twitterati reacted to the hike in petroleum prices in Pakistan, using the hashtag #PTIPetrolBomb, which is currently in the top trends.

Musician and politician Jawad Ahmad tweeted: ”Petrol price is up by Rs 5/litre.It won’t affect the elite & ruling class whichever party they belong to. Youth of Pakistan! These people have so much money that their next many generations would live comfortably with it. They fight on TV & social media but actually, they’re all one.”

Former anchorperson Gulmeenay tweeted, “My husband and I run a small food delivery service. We cannot currently afford a rider so he does the deliveries himself. This petrol price increase (and all the previous increases) literally impacts our income and our ability to pay bills and feed ourselves.”


Apart from this, some people had hilarious responses to the petrol price hike.

Senior journalist Mansoor Ali Khan quote-tweeted Punjab Police’s tweet about abandoned cars picture and said, “As petrol becomes more expensive, you will find most cars have been abandoned.”

A parody news page tweeted: “The PM could not sleep all night as petrol was increased by Rs 5 per litre, say sources.”

Minister for Information and Broadcasting Fawad Chaudhry, while responding to a journalist on Twitter, has defended the hike in petroleum prices by the government.


“Oil prices in Pakistan are still the lowest in the region. If we had oil wells, things would have been different but we have to buy it from abroad, so the price is bound to go up if it increases in the oil market. This is the case for the rest of the imports. The real achievement is that the income of 75 per cent of the population has also increased significantly,” tweeted Chaudhry.

The government on Wednesday notified an increase in the price of petrol by Rs 5 per litre and diesel by Rs 5.1 per litre.