Since the first lady did not accompany Prime Minister (PM) Imran Khan on his maiden trip to the United States (US), a theory to address the concerns of the people has been introduced by Twitterati.

After meeting President Donald Trump as well as top US govt officials, including Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, PM Imran on Wednesday left for Pakistan, marking the end of his three-day visit to Washington.

While some termed the premier’s trip as a “historic” one owing to the chemistry he forged with President Trump and the crowd he pulled for the event at Capital One Arena, a group of social media users pointed out that Bushra Bibi was not accompanying PM Imran.


Multiple theories made their way to Twitter as people started guessing why the first lady was nowhere to be seen; however, the most popular one remained that the premier was actually “saving taxpayers’ money”.

“I, as a taxpayer, do not want my taxes wasted on irrelevant persons’ airfare and accommodation,” wrote one user.

“Because our PM saves taxpayers’ money. It’s not a family tour,” wrote another.

Some, on the other hand, seemed to believe that the first lady’s choice of attire was the reason behind her absence in Trump’s America.

No official statement regarding Bushra Bibi’s absence has yet been released.