India and Pakistan have been hit by a terrible heatwave which is making life very difficult for those living in these areas.

While the rest of us wait for the monsoon rains to come, citizens from the Indian state of Karnataka decided to take matters into their own hands. They got together and arranged a marriage between two frogs to appease the Hindu rain god.

According to reports, four frogs were taken by the organisers to the department of Zoology in Manipal, where the zoologists identified the male and female frogs. Following the identification, one male and one female were singled out.


The two frogs were then dressed up in specially made outfits and taken to the wedding venue in a decorated cycle auto.

Several guests participated in the frogs wedding ceremony and celebrated the occasion. A feast followed the wedding ceremony.

Interestingly, the frog couple will be sent on a honeymoon to Manna Palla near Manipal in Udupi. The main intention in arranging this frog wedding was to appease the rain Gods who seem to have deserted the coastal district over the past few months, and the people have been struggling to get water for drinking and other basic purposes.