A male and a female kangaroo died in Lahore Zoo on Thursday.

As per reports, the male kangaroo died after suffering from a jaw infection while the female kangaroo was unwell for a long time.

Both were provided medical assistance but couldn’t survive, the  officials said.


Now13 adult kangaroos and three baby kangaroos are left at Lahore Zoo.

Earlier, a lion died of ‘cardiac arrest’ in Karachi Zoo. The director of the zoo said the lion died because of its old age and that the average lifespan of a lion is 18 years normally.

The Wild Life Department of Sindh with the help of District East officials captured the two lions in 2017 because they were transported into the city illegally. One of the two had died the later year of their fostering in the zoo, due to old age as well, the director claimed.

According to the post-mortem report of the deceased lion, the cause of death was the cardiac arrest due to heavy fat deposits on its heart.