The Lahore Zoo administration has decided to euthanise a pair of lions because they are suffering from a terminal illness.

According to reports, the administration considering their health conditions has decided to put them to rest, as the pair has reached their maximum age limit.

“Both of them are ill from the past several days and could not be treated or cured,” said an official of the zoo, adding that x-ray and ultrasound reports of the pair present proof of their poor health conditions.


The official further said that “a tiger, brown bear and a zebra are also suffering from a crippling disease and a decision to euthanise them will be taken in the next meeting.”

Earlier, in February, two white tigers cubs aged three months died in Lahore Zoo. They were reportedly suffering from COVID-19.

Meanwhile, this is not the first incident of mistreatment of animals by zoo authorities in Pakistan. In December 2020, Peshawar Zoo lost its fourth giraffe in 2020, just a few days after a black bear’s death.

On the other hand, Islamabad’s Marghazar Zoo — which drew international condemnation for its treatment of lonely elephant Kaavan — shut down in December 2020 after its final occupants Babloo and Suzie were relocated to Jordan.