An Indian Uber driver, who raped a nurse in Australia while she was unconscious, will be sentenced and deported back to India, Daily Mail has reported.

According to the details, Manpreet Singh, a year back, was driving through Melbourne’s inner-city of Mulgrave when he came across the intoxicated woman at around 2 am.

The woman had stopped to vomit after leaving a nearby pub on her walk home when Singh got out of his car and approached her.


The women, at first, broke free but he continued to follow her. The next thing the woman remembers was waking up at around 5 am to Manpreet raping her at his house.

The woman managed to escape and alerted the police, who arrested the guy the next day.

Singh was living in the country on a bridging visa from India and was driving an Uber through another person’s registration at the time of the attack.

Bridging visas are temporary permits that let you stay in Australia lawfully while your immigration status is resolved.

Manpreet on Thursday appeared before a court and pleaded guilty.

Singh was remanded into custody, will be sentenced on September 11 and deported back to India.