A video of an umpire has gone viral on social media in which he can be seen signalling wide with his legs.

Taking to Twitter, former English cricketer Michael Vaughn shared the video, saying: “Surely we need to see this chap join the ICC Elite panel.”

A Twitter user also shared another video of the same umpire under Vaughn’s tweet in which he is signalling for a boundary.


In Maharashtra’s Purandar Premier League 2021, when a bowler bowled a wide delivery, the umpire left everyone in splits with his extremely unique way of signalling. Contrary to the normal way of giving the ‘wide’ decision by stretching the arms, the umpire did something extremely outrageous. He turned back, performed a headstand and stretched his legs instead to make the signal.

The players on the field were also captured laughing as it was something that was probably happening on the field of cricket for the first time ever. “Yeh kya kar diya! Yeh wide ka style dekhiye, yeh bhi kamaal kar rahe hai, inka bhi naya andaaz hai. (What did he do? Look at this style of giving a wide. He is doing wonders, he has invented a new style),” the commentators said while describing the incident.

The umpire eventually made sure that he would get up and make the wide signal with his hands as well so that everyone gets to know what the decision was.