Sections of the Indian media have announced that India will agree to the hybrid model with a few caveats attached.

The uncertainty surrounding Asia Cup 2023 hosting venue is seemingly about to be resolved amicably on some give and take conditions, the two neighboring boards Board of Control For Cricket In India (BCCI) and Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) have decided, with both holding negotiations on what they can do for each other.

Indian media reports have stated that if Pakistan will give written surety that they will travel to India for World Cup 2023 than they will accept the hybrid model proposed by PCB.


BCCI will formally announce the decision at its May 27 meeting of the general body of the board.


However, there are now questions on the statement of PCB management committee chairman Najam Sethi in which he said without mincing his words that if India agreed on hybrid model then Pakistan will also propose a similar model for the World Cup in which the country will play their matches in Dhaka.

If India has security concerns in Pakistan, likewise Pakistan has security concerns in India.

In a recent statement Mr. Sethi cleared that he has not said that Pakistan will not play the International Cricket Council (ICC) mega event. It is the decision of the government, he said.

According to hybrid model, India will play their matches at a neutral venue like UAE or Sri Lanka.

According to sources, the Asian Cricket Council (ACC) will announce the Asia Cup schedule after India’s decision.

It should be noted that the ICC World Cup is to be played in India this year, but before that, the Asia Cup will be hosted by Pakistan, in which India refused to participate, after which Pakistan also refused to go to India to participate in the World Cup. However, discussions are ongoing between the two boards on the hybrid model proposed by Pakistan.