Prime Minister (PM) Imran Khan on Monday, during the inauguration ceremony of Al-Qadir University’s academic blocks, said that Pakistan’s youth was confused about itself in today’s world.

He said young Pakistanis studied the western culture and were misled by it.

The premier urged universities to research the disastrous effects that western culture was having on family life, and spoke out against how pornographic material was widely available on smartphones these days.


He said universities were important as they can help people make “informed choices”, which will help people make smarter and better choices.

PM Khan’s statement from his speech earlier this week caught the attention of the Twitterati and the premier was heavily criticised for his remarks.

Writer and Vlogger, Saadia Ahmed wrote, “The most harmful effects on Pakistan’s family system come from Pakistan’s family system itself.”


A Twitter user tweeted, “Wish it was a country where harmful effects of family system on a person’s health was researched.”

Criticising the words of the premier a Twitter user wrote, “He’s trying his best to not get voted next year good for him.”

A Twitter user tweeted, “I wouldn’t be surprised if this guy creates a new discipline to study Pakistan’s Family System.”