Students in Islamabad gathered outside the Higher Education Commission (HEC) to protest against online classes conducted by the universities. Later, one student from the Capital University of Science and Technology, Usman Mehmood, got expelled for raising his voice on social media platforms.

Mehmood voiced the concerns of many university students. The Capital University of Science and Technology student had been sharing the demands of students on social media.

Usman received the letter from his university, deeming him ‘in violation of university discipline.’  


Mustafa Nawaz Khokhar, who chairs the Senate Committee on Human Rights, responded to Usman’s tweet saying he was within his constitutional rights while protesting peacefully and said that the VC of the university will be called to the committee to explain why a student was expelled for exercising his rights.

In an earlier post, Mustafa Nawaz had addressed the issue of students getting expelled for raising their voices.