An Australian news outlet posted an unverified and baseless story about Pakistan cricket team skipper Babar Azam. The publication accused the skipper of sexting to his teammate’s girlfriend. However, Fox cricket has now deleted the story after PCB slammed the news outlet for posting baseless stories.

 “As our media partner, you might have considered ignoring such unsubstantiated personal allegations which Babar Azam has not deemed worthy of a response,” the board tweeted from its official account.

The story alleged that Babar Azam had sexted one of his teammate’s girlfriends and promised her that her boyfriend won’t be out of the team if she continues in that streak.


However, the Pakistan cricket team captain has not commented on the allegations yet.


Fox Cricket’s report stated “the account, which is a parody page, then removed the original tweet and explicitly apologized to Babar”.

It should be mentioned here that a woman made severe accusations against the batter in November 2020 and requested that he be persecuted on suspicion of fraud and sexual harassment.

A Lahore session court instructed the police to file a complaint against Babar. The Lahore High Court, however, suspended the order of the session court in 2021.