Pakistan recently faced a nationwide power breakout, several parts of the country also battled severe gas shortage, and now with the rupee losing its value further against the dollar, netizens and celebrities are struggling to feel patriotic. Prominent Pakistani actors weighed in on the deteriorating conditions of the country’s economy and whether we, as a nation, have lost all hopes for betterment.

“How will we ever recover from this? Since I’ve been alive, I’ve never seen the Rupee strengthen against Dollar drastically,” Farhan Saeed wrote on Twitter on Saturday while reacting to the Pakistani rupee standing at an all-time low against the dollar.

Concerned about how non-serious people are taking the economic distress we’re in, he added, “But still we are either this party or that party, but not Pakistan. No one’s serious about where we are, have we lost hope?”


Actor Imran Abbas also made a cryptic post while sharing Finance Minsiter’s viral video.

Ushna Shah shared her two cents on the subject. Claiming that she loves Pakistan and its people, she added how it gets harder to feel love when you can’t live a hassle-free life due to the unavailability of basic resources.

“I love my country, I love my identity, and I love my fellow Pakistanis. But when there is no electricity and no gas at the same time, there is a shortage of petrol and UPS crashes due to overuse, and literally, no way to power the house when I need coffee, well, tarana gana thora mushkil hei. (it’s hard to sing the national anthem then)” she wrote.

Actor Aijaz Aslam questioned how productive political press conferences are if all that happens is leaders blaming each other while the civilians struggle to live.

“What’s the point of these press conferences? Leaders just blame each other and nothing else. No one ever discusses the strategies to bring stability to the country. The currency devaluation is unstoppable and basic commodities are unaffordable for a common man, Reham karo (Bless us)” read his tweet.