Famous actor Ushna Shah has shared crucial marriage advice for young women. She suggests they should never wait for a guy to be ready for marriage.
In a recent podcast with ‘FHM’, Ushna said girls shouldn’t wait for a guy to be ready for marriage. “So many girls waste their time,” she said. “If a guy wants to marry you, he will. That’s it. There are no ifs or buts.”

She continued to say, “Something I learned late in my life but feel grateful for knowing now—that we have a biological clock ticking, unlike men. I’m not saying don’t focus on your career or rush into marriage. What I mean is, if a guy is wasting your time, don’t let him,” advised the actor. “If you have to delay marriage, do it for your career, your parents, or yourself, but never for a guy. If a guy is making an idiot out of you, don’t let him.”

“Girls, here’s another thing: don’t send long messages to a guy after a breakup. If he’s hurting you or cheating on you, the best thing is to vanish from his life. Don’t even talk to him; disappear, as if you were never there,” she suggested.


Shah ended her advice by saying, “Stop wasting your years, time, emotions, and mental health on other people. Nobody is worth it.”