Want to make a guy feel special but don’t know what to get? Here is the list of gifts men will love and where you can find them. The best part: they’re all under Rs 3,000.


DESCRIBE is the perfect scent for the Pakistani alpha male.

Available at J. Perfumes



T-shirts or collar shirts? Pick whichever your guy likes to wear on a daily basis.

Tip: Don’t choose what you like, make sure it fits his style.

Available at Outfitters, Dockers, Cotton and Cotton

Wrist watch

You might think that wrist watches are outdated. But not for guys.

Available at Ali Express


Everyone needs a wallet, and even a simple basic one will do.

Find it at Jafferjees


Cufflinks, ties or tie pins are also a good option.

Find it at Charcoal

Beard Oil

Beard oil is a popular choice of gift if your man flaunts a mustache and beard.

Find it at Dari Mooch, M Belle Beaute