In a rather uncommon occurrence, Azaan [call for prayer] on Tuesday echoed across Pakistan at 10 pm — long after Isha prayers — as the nation prayed for mercy to protect them from coronavirus, SAMAA reported.

Maulana Bashir Farooqui, the chairperson of the Saylani Welfare Trust, and other religious scholars had urged prayer leaders to do so.

The muezzins and the people complied with Maulana Farooqui’s instructions and as a result, the call for prayer was heard across the country at 10 pm. Other than mosques, Farooqui had also asked people to do the same from the rooftops of their residences.


According to Maulana Farooqui, Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) used to recite the Azaan at the time of difficulties.

By the time this report was filed, Pakistan had reported 990 known cases of the new coronavirus. The virus has claimed more than 18,000 lives worldwide, while Pakistan has reported seven deaths since February 26, when the first case was reported in the country.