French President Emmanuel Macron has come under criticism over his remarks on Islam after a teacher was beheaded on the streets of Paris allegedly for showing blasphemous cartoons to students.

Amid this, a video of Macron having an egg thrown at his face as he is in conversation with some people is circulating on social media.



The claim along with the video says Macron was attacked for his remarks on Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) and Islam, which have led to calls for a boycott of French products across the Muslim world.

The Current has found the claim along with the video to be misleading. The video was shot in March 2017 in Paris days before the presidential elections in France, when Macron was a candidate for the top post.

Using related keywords, we found some media reports carrying a similar video of the event, shot from a different angle.

A report by Express says Macron was attacked by a protester with an egg when he was attending an agriculture show in Paris in March 2017.

This was not the first time when Macron was egged. In 2016 too, an angry mob pelted eggs on Macron in Paris.

So, it has been established that the video is more than three years old and has nothing to with Macron’s recent remarks on Islam.


On Sunday, Macron tweeted, “We will not give in, ever to Islamic radicals.”

“We do not accept hate speech and defend reasonable debate,” the French leader added.

Calls to boycott French goods are already growing in the Arab world and beyond after Macron criticised Islamists and vowed not to “give up cartoons” depicting the Holy Prophet (PBUH).

Macron’s initial comments, on Wednesday, had come in response to the beheading of a teacher, Samuel Paty, outside his school in a suburb outside Paris earlier this month, after he had shown the blasphemous cartoons during a class he was leading on free speech.

With the French president pledging to fight “Islamist separatism”, which he said was threatening to take control in some Muslim communities around France, hashtags such as the #BoycottFrenchProducts in English and the Arabic #ExceptGodsMessenger trended across countries, including Pakistan, Kuwait, Qatar, Palestine, Egypt, Algeria, Jordan, Saudi Arabia and Turkey.