Indians have fallen in love with Pakistani media persons, lauding them and calling them “journalists with spines” after a video of a group of the same boycotting a press conference went viral on social media.

In the viral video, one of the journalists, namely Riaz Gondal, can be seen calling out government officials for making media persons wait for hours for the press conference. “We have been waiting for two hours. Corruption in Jhelum is rampant. All government officials are looting the people in the name of welfare,” he tells the officials upon their arrival.

“But since you have wasted our time, we are boycotting your press conference,” Gondal adds as all journalists then remove their mics from the podium.


Though the exact details are not yet available, a social media user claimed that journalists boycotted the deputy commissioner’s press conference.

The video has been watched and shared over a million times, especially across the border — where media is time and again accused of being a lapdog of the government.

Here’s how Indians showered praises on the professionals on this side of the border:

“Backbone of Pakistani media,” wrote a user in Hindi.