Ifitikhar Ahmed is Pakistan’s most reliable middle order batter, and the frequent target of a chant that fans have tailored just for him.

The batsman was recently asked by a journalist what he felt when fans chant ‘chachu chachu’ (uncle) on the field.

He answered the question in a very sweet manner, stating:


“See, first I used to get annoyed when people chant chachu chachu about me but I am now enjoying it. It is not a bad thing, it is not an abusive chant, it is a good thing for me.

When Shahid Afridi steps into the ground, the crowd immediately stands up and chants boom boom and now they chant chachu chachu, so I really enjoy it.”

Iftikhar Ahmed also said that wherever he goes to play, the crowd supports him. “Be happy and let me be happy,” he added.
Ifitkhar Ahmed scored a crucial fifty on the finisher of One-Day International (ODI) series against New Zealand, proving himself as a reliable middle order batter.

Pakistan captain, Babar Azam, during the post-match press conference, also mentioned feeling embarrassed that Iftikhar is known as ‘Chahcha’ because of his jokes.


However, despite this feeling, he is happy that people enjoy it.

Babar also praised Iftikhar’s abilities and acknowledged that he has been playing great cricket for the past few months.

“Sometimes, I feel embarrassed that due to me Iftikhar is now known as ‘Chacha’ but I am happy that people enjoy it. He gave some brilliant performances in T20 cricket and today he took the game deep alone but unfortunately, he didn’t get support from the other end.

“That is why we gave him a chance in ODIs because he has been playing great cricket for the last five-six months and we were struggling on those numbers so we are getting a lot of help from Iftikhar and Salman Ali Agha,” Babar said.