The citizens of Bar Qambar Khel, an area of the Khyber tribal district, Tirah shaved the heads of the drug dealers and then made them parade on donkeys in a bid to punish them.

Local residents asked the two accused, identified as Qudrat and Wadan Khan, to appear before the Aman Committee and explain why were they selling ice to local youngsters.

“The two didn’t appear before the committee, neither confessed to their crime of selling drugs. So they were arrested after repeated warnings,” a local elder told The Express Tribune. He said the heads of drug sellers were shaved and their faces painted black after which they were mounted on donkeys and paraded in the attendance of many people.


According to residents, the entire incident happened in the presence of police but they did not intervene and remained silent spectators.

They said that the Bar Qambar Khel Aman Committee many times contacted the local police and asked them to deal with the drug dealers in the area but they did not pay any attention. When the police failed to do their job, the locals were forced to take law into their own hands.

SHO Javed confirmed the incident and said that the police has started a crackdown against those involved.

Locals of the area think that one police station is not enough to control a large area bordering Afghanistan.

“The area is large and the terrain is a difficult one. There is no infrastructure like schools, government offices, or hospitals or enough police stations that could actively patrol and check everything. The writ of government is weak due to lack of administered mechanism,” said a local elder.