Nausheen Shah recently lost her cool and scolded Dr Aamir Liaquat live during her appearance on his Ramzan special game show Jeeway Pakistan.

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Throughout the show, Shah was pretty active and in an extremely joyful mood but by the end, she ran out of patience and got angry at the host. One thing led to another as the situation got super awkward.


At the end of the show, Nausheen was trying to share her thoughts but Liaquat kept interrupting, which annoyed her.


Annoyed with the constant interference, Nausheen scolded Liaquat saying: “Listen, Dr Sahab. Oh My God you talk nonstop and don’t listen to the other person at all and that’s what I am fed up with.”

Earlier, Saboor Aly refused to entertain Liaquat’s antics after he kept teasing her throughout the show.