World famous vlogger, Nas Daily has traveled the world and made videos that have been shared millions of times. His girlfriend Alyne has now also started her own vlog and her last post is a video on Pakistan. She visited Pakistan for “The most AFFORDABLE Adventure” Episode 3, showing how you can have a great vacation in Pakistan for 100 dollars.

She gushes about the fact that Pakistan is such a hospitable country that you usually don’t have to pay because people give away things for free and how the perception that Pakistan is dangerous is not true – she visited areas up north that have an almost zero crime rate.

About to visit a hospital

She also visits a hospital and talks about how cheap it is to get medical services in Pakistan.



The Most AFFORDABLE Adventure?

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Posted by Dear Alyne on Tuesday, November 19, 2019

As Pakistanis are also coming to the realization of how beautiful their country is and are planning more and more trips up north, so are foreigners. The hospitality and beauty of our nation is heartwarming and looks like people can’t get enough.