Special Assistant to Punjab Chief Minister Dr Firdous Ashiq Awan visited a Ramzan Bazaar in Sialkot on Sunday. Dr Awan was inspecting the quality of food items at various stalls.

In a video doing the rounds on social media, Dr Awan asks Assistant Commissioner (AC) Sialkot Sonia Sadaf to explain why there was ‘third-class quality’ food at a stall. When Sonia Sadaf asked her to try the food at another stall as the fruit must have gone bad due to the weather, Firdous told AC Sialkot that it was her duty to check the quality of the goods.


“You are getting paid for the work and it is your duty to keep a check on things here,” Awan shouted at AC Sialkot. She also asked the AC which shameless person appointed her. At this, Sonia Sadaf left the Ramzan Bazaar. Firdous was seen shouting: “Now go sit in your VIP drawing room.”


Punjab Chief Secretary Jawad Rafique Malik condemned Firdous Ashiq Awan for her use of bad language at the AC.

Maryam Nawaz tweeted: “Government officials are not your personal employees. Such treatment is reprehensible.”

In another tweet, the PML-N leader said asked Dr Awan to apologise to Sonia Sadaf.

PTI’s Usman Dar also came out in support of the AC saying he was apologetic for the unfortunate incident which took place.

“I personally know Assistant Commissioner Sonia Sadaf, she is a responsible and capable officer. The role of women in the governance system of our society is very welcome and should be appreciated.”

Both Dar and Firdous hail from Sialkot.

Hasaan Khawar tweeted,

“Publicly scolding civil servants can get you brownie points but will take a toll on the morale of those who have to execute your policies.”