Legendary comedian Umer Shareef has requested Prime Minister Imran Khan to send him abroad for his treatment. Journalist Waseem Badami shared a video message of Shareef, which he aired on his show 11th hour. In the video, the Zameen Aasman star also mentioned, “Doctors have asked me to go abroad for better treatment,” said Umar adding, “I received my treatment as per my fate from Imran Khan’s Shaukat Khanum Memorial Cancer Hospital but the doctors have now told me that I can receive better treatment in America.”

Anchor Waseem Badami told in his show that the issue of the finances is secondary, the major issue right now is the kind of treatment that is required for Umer is not available in Pakistan.

He added that the treatment is only available in three countries, “USA, Germany and Saudi Arabia”, and the doctors suggest that the treatment should be done in two to three weeks, but due to covid’19 restrictions it is very difficult to go abroad in such a short period of time without the state’s facilitation.