Wasif Ghafoor, a young boy who became an overnight star after a video of him dancing on the Pakistan Super League (PSL) anthem, ‘Agay Dekh’ says he has big dreams.

Speaking on Geo News programme ‘Geo Pakistan’, Ghafoor revealed that he wanted to be a cricketer. Ghafoor said,” Singing is my passion and I have a craze for cricket.”

Revealing his passion for cricket, Ghafoor said, “I said goodbye to cricket when I was not supported,” he said, adding that he later joined a pharmaceutical company in the city.


When asked if he made special preparation for the dance on the PSL anthem, the youth replied that he is not a “professional dancer,” adding that his performance on the PSL anthem was simply in the heat of the moment.

Praising the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) Chairman Ramiz Raja for holding such a mega sports event in the country, he said: “I will be available for all PSL matches if asked.”

Ghafoor maintained that he was not expecting that his dance performance on the PSL anthem will go viral. He said that people sitting in the enclosure told him that he has gone viral on the internet and started taking selfies with him.

Ghafoor said that he only realized that he has gone viral when he started getting phone calls from his friends.