Among the most prodigious sports icon the world has ever seen, Indian cricket player Virat Kohli definitely stands out among the others. Now, a report compiled by Stockgro, a Bengaluru-based company, has revealed that the cricket icon is currently the world’s highest earning athlete.

As the official account breaks down Kohli’s earnings by citing sources from Forbes, DNA and MPL, the cricket player has a staggering net worth of INR 1050 crore.

Kohli’s contract with Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) is worth PKR 24 crore. Breaking down his cricket earnings, the account notes that Kohli makes PKR 52 lakh from Test matches, PKR 21 lakh from ODI and PKR 10 lakhs from T20 per match.


Moving on to his brands and investments, Kohli has invested in multiple start-ups like Blue Tribe, MPL and Sports Convo, and has ambassadorships with more than 18 brands, for which he charges between PKR 26 lakh to 35 lakh for shooting, which is more than any celebrity in Bollywood earns, making a total amount of PKR 613 crore earned from brand endorsements alone.

Furthermore, his Instagram account where he has 250 million followers, Kohli charges PKR 28 crore per Instagram post.

Kohli has been married to actress Anushka Sharma since 2017, who has a net worth of INR 255 crores.