Prime Minister Imran Khan, during an address in Lahore, took a jibe at the audience, comprising federal and provincial ministers, over their lacklustre, rather sleepy, response to his speech.

Speaking about his government’s project to control the unplanned growth of Lahore, the PM said Central Business District (CBD) project at the Walton Airport site would help create much-needed wealth to pay off foreign loans.

By shifting the Walton Airport from the centre of the city, the prime minister said, some much-needed Rs6,000 billion would be generated.


The PM excepted clapping at his plan to save Rs6,000 billion, but the lawmakers and the cabinet members remained non-responsive to the PM’s potential super-saving plan. This prompted PM Imran to complain that the lawmakers did not even acknowledge such a mega project to generate wealth, asking whether they were up all night.

The venue later continued resounding with applause as the prime minister narrated achievements of his government.