The Water and Sanitation Agency (WASA) has taken note of the car wash facilities in Lahore that are wasting water and will penalize those responsible.

The Managing Director (MD) of WASA, M. Tanveer summoned a meeting of key personnel, who organized units to conduct a crackdown operation. The teams would comprise officials from the operations and revenue departments who will provide the Managing Director with a daily status report.

Tanveer called for immediate action against vehicular washing facilities that do not have a water recycling facility.


Car wash stations will be given a warning at first and will face severe consequences if they do not install a recycling plant.

According to a recent high court appeal, service stations consume around 200 liters of water for a small car and 300 liters for a bigger vehicle.

WASA instructed that service stations must recycle 70 per cent of the water they use, or they will be shut down. The authority will also impose hefty fines on anyone who tosses trash into drainpipes and sewer lines in order to avoid sewage from blocking.