In a video that resurfaced on social media, an Indian journalist, Deepak Chaurasia, of the News Nation TV is seen constantly shouting at one of his panelists.

The anchorperson is seen shouting at the top of his voice, dominating one of the panelists and not giving him a chance to answer back.

The journalist loses his cool because the panelist is from Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU).


The journalist can be seen getting hysterical in his prime time show ‘Khoj Khabar’. Ignoring cameras, Chaurasia got up from his seat and walked towards JNU Students Union leader Sunny Dhiman. Before Dhiman could understand anything, Chaurasia started shouting at him. “Aap log (JNU students) jatein JNU hai, taxpayer ka khaatay hai aur gaatay Pakistan ka (You students go to JNU on taxpayer’s money but sing praises of Pakistan).”

“Apko sawaal poochna chahiye” (You should ask questions), Dhiman shouted back in response.

Disregarding his answer, Chaurasia jabbed his finger at Dhiman, “Aap jaise log jo yeh mansikta phela rahein hai, aap jaise desh drohion ne ikhata kiya Pulwama mein” (You are responsible for spreading this mentality, all anti-nationals had gathered in Pulwama).

Twitterati reacted to the Indian journalists’ way of communication and schooled him on basic ethics, who soon became a laughingstock among netizens.

BBC journalist Stephen Sackur took to Twitter and wrote, “I watched this and realised I’ve been doing @BBCHARDtalk all wrong…”

Research Fellow, South Asia at The Heritage Foundation, Jeff Smith wrote, “My goodness. If a TV anchor ever jabbed his finger in my face like that he’d wake up in a different time zone.”

Journalist Mehdi Hasan, mocking the resurfaced video, tweeted, “Watch the faces of the other three panelists. Amazing.”

A Twitter user wrote, “It happens nowhere in the world except India.”

Another person retweeting the video wrote, “This is truly a disease spreading in India.”

A Twitter user mocking the debate wrote, “Comedy show Hai yeee? [Is this a comedy show?]”

Seeing the Indian journalist shout on television, a Twitter user wrote, “They forgot to take blood pressure (BP) tablets??”

Tagging the anchorperson one Twitter user wrote, “Don’t raise your voice. Improve your argument”