It has been a few days since Prime Minister Imran Khan returned from his first official visit to the United States and it appears that he left quite an impact on the US President, who continues to shower praises on him.

President Donald Trump, in a recent media interaction, said that he has a lot of respect for PM Khan with whom he had developed “good chemistry.”

“We’re doing very well, as you know, with Pakistan,” Trump said, “I met a gentleman who I liked a lot — as you know — last week, from Pakistan. I have a lot of respect for him. We have a good friendship — a good feeling, good chemistry. I think Pakistan will help us, and I think others will get involved.”


The two world leaders met late last month when PM Imran visited the US on Trump’s invitation. During their meeting, while talking to the media, the President had described PM Khan as “one of the greatest athlete and a very popular PM”, and said that he would help him get re-elected.